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Doing business professionally with a personal touch, that’s VDS. When purchasing cars, you want to rely on a partner that keeps its word. One that offers competitive rates while setting new industry standards for efficiency and service. We’ve been doing all that for well over 20 years, yet we’re nowhere near the finish line.

Purchasing vehicles at VDS means being carefree while we connect the dots. Get in touch and experience it yourself.

VDS in a nutshell


VDS has been in business for well over 20 years, and during those two decades our annual reports have always been filled with black numbers.


Last year, VDS Automotive Group, realised an annual revenue of $82M. A result of our continuous expansion into the Americas, Asia, the UAE and Europe.


Over 11k vehicles sold internationally. And even though we don’t treat our profession as a numbers game, it does give an impression of how experienced VDS actually is.

What’s more, the amount of satisfied customers is the exact same.

Worldwide presence

With offices in North America and Germany, and headquarters located in The Netherlands, we're able to drive business worldwide.

Our offices are strategically located nearby some of the world's most used automotive ports. You'll benefit from a logistically optimized process at competitive rates.

55+ VDSers

Import and Export Specialists, Mechanics, Marketeers, Inspectors and everything in between. VDS is home to over 55 employees with thorough know-how about everything automotive related.

Dave AgüeriaFounder & Owner Liberty Cars

Over the past 15 years, I have bought many US vehicles from VDS. The vehicles are always delivered completely spotless, ready for me to sell. They take care of all the paperwork and the entire registration process. This means I can focus all my attention on making sales. I can choose which registration I need, so I can be of service to both my domestic and international customers.

Theo van KouwenDirector Janssen van Kouwen Automotive

VDS has proven itself a reliable partner that places a high value on quality. VDS provides practical solutions that meet all their customers' needs. As such, VDS contributes towards the high level of our service and quality. Both parties benefit from this co-operation.

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